Product Management from Concept to Commercialization

Hi, I’m Max. My mission is to improve quality-of-life and sustainability in urban communities. And I’ve been solving challenges in this space as a product marketing manager, entrepreneur, and investor for more than 10 years.


Emerging companies and venture investors partner with me to evaluate and validate the commercial potential of product concepts.

My Approach


Realize the commercial value of your innovation with my approach to creating a marketable product that cultivates user adoption and investment success.

Success Stories


Discover how I have helped early-stage companies, investors, and technologists build impactful products before expending significant resources.

Max stood out as a product leader who was able to focus on the most viable opportunities from a combined technology and business perspective and helped push our program as an innovator in the marketplace for combining world-class research and early-stage venture investment.
— Rob Hartman, Program Manager, UPMCEnterprises
The market analysis process that Max developed enabled us to map our market, providing invaluable insight into the key challenges and concerns of our potential customers as well as how to present our technology solution to them.
— Thanasis Karamalidis, Co-Founder & CEO, Anactisis
I would recommend Max as a project partner to any researcher looking to achieve success outside of academia.
— Jennifer Silk, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
Max is a collaborative leader who understands how to evaluate and advise the management teams of early-stage companies
— Jeffrey McDaniel, Executive in Residence, Innovation Works